26 April 2013

LISE IATE Workshop Volume 2

The LISE IATE Workshop Volume 2 took place in Brussels on the 26th April 2013.

The workshop was organized by ESTeam (Michael Wetzel), Crosslang (Joeri van de Valle) and UniVie (Tanja Wissik) in collaboration with Manuel Leal from the Council of the EU.

Ten participants, terminologists from different language units, from the Council as well as terminology coordinators attended the workshop.

We have seen a pretty homogeneous user group of highly skilled and experienced terminologists that are working on a daily basis with the IATE database. Many different working languages were represented at the workshop: French, Portuguese, English, Dutch, German, Polish as well as Maltese and Slovak.

Michael kicked off by introducing the LISE project and its goals. Joeri then explained the three tools. Throughout the day, the participants tested and evaluated the tools (Cleanup, Omeo and Fillup) in their languages with hands-on support by the LISE team (Michael, Joeri, Tanja).

We were pleased to see that all terminologists were very interested in the LISE project and in the tools, especially the Cleanup tool: “So ein Aufräumgerät bräuchten wir dringend” (“such a cleansing tool is urgently needed”) said one participant.

Some of the improvement suggestions raised by the participants had already been brought up during the last workshop early February in Luxembourg. However, the terminologists introduced new ideas, with regard to Slavic languages in particular. The request to show more data categories (like definition or context) was also raised last time, but  in Brussels the participants especially focused on the IATE fields ownership, creation date and reliability.

This time the participants, especially the terminology coordinators, have shown special interest in the inter-institutional collaboration platform.