LISE (Legal Language Interoperability Services) is a European project which addresses the urgent need for consolidated administrative nomenclatures and legal terminologies as tools to enhance interoperability and cross border collaboration. Without high quality and standards-based terminologies, it is impossible to reach precision, efficiency, and transparency within and across any services, processes or systems in the areas of legal and administrative work.

The key points of the project are

identifying current problems and future options for optimization in legal and administrative terminology work and terminology management workflows
developing a web-based terminology service platform for collaborative inter-institutional work
analysing real-life processes and workflows in close cooperation with the relevant user groups
active participation of and cooperation with the relevant user groups
The LISE project has successfully ended on 31 July 2013. The technology is now proven to be applied. It addresses concrete user needs, “a terminologist’s dream” according to IATE users. ESTeam Tools and LISE services are a sustained service offering that is already attracting new customers outside the domain it was originally designed for.

The LISE best practices and market research triggered the creation of a new SME, the Coreon GmbH. The technology deployed in LISE is now becoming part of Coreon.

ESTeam Tools

Below videos give a quick demo of how the ESTeam Tools have been customized and work with IATE data. They illustrate how mistakes and flaws in terminological resources are spotted and how they are corrected.

Cleanup: Spelling errors, wrong translations, canonisation, redundancies
Omeo: Grouping entries to get rid of doublettes, and to allow more efficient subsequent processes
Fillup: Harvesting translation memories to suggest term translations for less covered languages

The LISE Collaboration Portal is available at app.lise-termservices.eu.


We are pleased to actively contribute to the CHAT2013 track at the tekom/tcworld conference in Wiesbaden. We present the LISE Service, its three tools (Cleanup, Fillup, Omeo) and a dedicated platform for cleaning, consolidating and enhancing terminological data collections in a collaborative online environment. Join us on 7th November. See the abstract.