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Vilken satans kul kväll! Sååå, var börjar man egentligen? Hyffsat trevlig lördag, skada har varit med om roligare utekvällar också. Inte många timmars sömn förrän man skulle upp och fira påsk med släkten.

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Aeknou led gements The author would jämbördig to thank the consultants, Ivo knipa Ingwor Holmqvist tmd Gun Sjöberg, åkte checking the material and making matsedel valuable suggestions, and also my brother and bis wife, Claes and Agneta Gudmundson, for providing me with most of the realia for the exercises. I am very grsteful to Kungliga Operan for permission to use an opera ticket, to the Svenska Institutet for the photographs on page , and to Volvo for picturesof their cars. I am also very much indebted to my coileague, Bente Elsworth, for her help and good advice; to Philip Holmes and Ian Hinchcliffe, whose grammatical works I have used; and to Andrew Cornith, Karen Donnelly and David Hancock for the illustrations.

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